Converting Ideas into Solutions ®



A point-of-purchase display manufacturer was having an issue mounting panels in the end user’s retail location. The printed panels were 30-feet long and were being held up by flexible magnets. The problem with the magnets was their inability to pull and stretch the flexible vinyl panels tightly, which in turn created waves.


We suggested applying a reclosable fastener to the top and bottom of the fixtures in the stores and another strip on the disposable panels. This particular re-closable fastener is stronger than traditional hook-and-loop. It locks to itself, eliminating the need to stock multiple rolls. It can also laminate to a strong, aggressive adhesive for mounting.


The re-closable fastener allows the customer to adjust the tightness of the vinyl panels, eliminating the waves caused by the magnets. This system created a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance for the retail store.

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