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Our customer, an EMI shielding manufacturer, was producing a conductive, semi-cured silicone at their local location. They reached out to Budnick in hopes of finding a solution for a new application. The customer’s new thermal interface material required a repositionable adhesive that would not interfere with the thermal conductivity.


Finding a tape that would bond to silicone without affecting any of the thermal conductivity proved to be a challenge. Typically, silicone is the only adhesive that bonds to silicone. Silicone tape was tested but interfered with the thermal conductivity. Testing continued, and after a sufficient amount trial and error, a solution was found. Our tape experts found a repositionable acrylic transfer tape that did not affect the thermal conductivity.


The acrylic transfer tape was chosen because it is a very thin low tack adhesive (very similar to a Post-It Note). Its properties allowed us to laminate to their material and make it repositionable. The acrylic adhesive did not prevent the heat transferring through the interface material to the heat sink, as materials heated up on the circuit boards. It also bonded well enough to the silicone material and did not delaminate if the product required repositioning during the applications.

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