Converting Ideas into Solutions ®



Our customer, a foam manufacturer, came to Budnick in search of a custom solution for a commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer. The end user (refrigeration manufacturer) needed a product to act as a bumper for commercial coolers. The coolers would be moved on casters throughout the plant and transported before having the bumpers removed after installation. The bumpers would be bonded to a metal painted surface and needed to withstand the high temperatures while being carried in train cars and semi-trailers, while still being able to remove cleanly during installation.


The foam manufacturer sent us foam in sheet form. We then laminated a double coated tape with a polyester carrier to the foam sheets. The original liner was then removed and replaced with a customer supplied liner that is easier to cut into small strips. The foam strips were eventually applied to the coolers to serve as bumpers.


Budnick’s wide width laminating capabilities allow us to quickly laminate adhesive to foams, and to other materials, like rubbers, plastics, textiles, FRP panels, and more. Our heat laminating system allows us to both laminate adhesive and cut sheeted materials in a single pass. Further expanding on these capabilities, we can also laminate both sides of material at once, so we can create single or double-coated products in one pass.

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