Converting Ideas into Solutions ®




A major automation and control manufacturer needed of a solution to protect a thermostat face prior to installation. They were also seeking a solution to attach the cover of the thermostat to its base that was being hand applied by workers.


In regards to attaching the cover, we die cut a high bond acrylic foam that would bond the cover to the base of the thermostat. The foam’s acrylic adhesive bonds well to many medium energy surfaces, including plastics. Many high bond acrylic foam tapes are an excellent alternative to mechanical fasteners.

A polyethylene film tape was die cut to provide surface protection for the face of the thermostat.The protective film's low-tack adhesive system helps provide temporary protection of many polished metals, plastics, and glass materials with minimum adhesion build up and clean removability.


We offered several liner options, including extended liners, to enhance product handling of the acrylic foam and simplify the product assembly. We increased the liner's finger-lift tab size, relocated it, and added a tab to the opposite liner. 

Budnick works with companies across various industries to increase their adhesive tape performance by offering thousands of materials and converting them to the most user-friendly form for each unique application. 

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