Converting Ideas into Solutions ®



This building materials manufacturer produces bubble/foil insulation material, often used for building installation applications. The material is also used for applications within the transportation and refrigeration industries. Budnick was brought in to help improve the customer's process efficiency. The customer was using pancake rolls that frequently needed to be changed, causing far too many halts in production. Every production stoppage resulted in a loss of extruded material due to the nature of the process.


We collaborated with a tape manufacturer to help improve the customer’s process. Traverse wound rolls were introduced along with the idea of an unwind stand and dispenser. This would be a stand-alone accessory. Our application engineers worked directly with the customer to determine the best way to configure the dispenser.


No longer having to change rolls so frequently, the customer has seen less downtime and an increase in production. They have also been able to save additional extruded material. By taking the time to fully understand our customer's processes and needs, we were able to find a value-driven solution. Our success depends on making each of our customers more profitable. 

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