Converting Ideas into Solutions ®



Our customer, an industrial distributor, works with a vinyl window manufacturer and turned to Budnick to find a solution for an assembly related application. At the end user's location, the vinyl window parts are extruded for assembly elsewhere. Our customer identified a need for a double coated tape to bond extruded profiles into a vinyl window assembly.


Budnick suggested that the customer utilize a double coated, polyester film tape with a high strength acrylic adhesive. The tape’s high tack properties and ability to bond to a wide variety of surfaces, including low surface energy substrates, made it a strong fit for this application. Also, spooling the tape would account for much less machine stoppage than the shorter length pancake rolls to which the customer was accustomed.

The customer's profile is used when two single windows are butted together. The windows are inserted into the profile on either side, and the adhesive easily holds the profile in place until mechanical fasteners are used for the final installation. The customer also explored the possibility of moving to a high bond acrylic foam tape to eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners entirely, but ultimately decided to retain the mechanical fasteners for the time being.


Not only was Budnick able to work hand-in-hand with our distribution customer to provide a solution for their end user's application, but by identifying the opportunity for spooled tape we increased both the efficiency and profit for the end user by eliminating downtime with machine stoppage and start-up.

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