Converting Ideas into Solutions ®



A fuel tank manufacturer was mounting their logo emblems on the exterior of fuel tanks on semi-trucks but the tape being used to do so was failing. The tape was adhering initially, but failed once the trucks took to the road. The tape being used, a double coated film, was the same general purpose tape production workers were using to hold down parts while machining. Having to hand-cut the tape to each emblem was slowing the customer’s production as well.


The first step was to identify a product that would provide a permanent bond for the emblems. We recommended a double coated acrylic foam. The acrylic foam bonds well to a wide variety of surfaces, is resistant to solvents and moisture, and can be easily die-cut to eliminate having to cut the tape by hand. In many cases this tape will even be used to replace rivets or spot welds.


Being able to remove a liner and directly apply the tape to the emblems has saved the customer valuable production time as their business continues to grow and production output increases. No longer do their fuel tanks go un-branded. The acrylic foam has proven to perform under various temperatures and weather conditions.

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